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University leadership

Meet our leaders who shape our University to contribute and make a difference.

Innovation & Impact

Transformative. Life-changing. Innovative. Caring. Holistic. We are NUS.

Founded by the community for the community

We started out as a modest medical school with 23 students in 1905, founded by a determined group of businessmen led by Tan Jiak Kim, to serve the needs of the local community. Today, more than 100 years on, as Singapore’s flagship university, we continue to be in service of country and society. Learn more about our rich heritage and leaders of this institution.

The best campus life

You will study hard. You will play hard. You will make friends for life.

University Town

Study. Live. Play. Learn. Do it all at the newest hangout on campus.

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In numbers

Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah and Outram
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