Responsibility for Notices/Circulars and Updates of Personal Particulars

Reading Notices and Circulars Issued by the University

All students will have an email account at NUS that will be their official point of contact. Most communications from the University to students will be via the official email account. As such, students are expected to check this account regularly. Students are also expected to be aware of the contents of the latest notices/circulars that may be posted on [email protected].

Updating of Personal Particulars

Throughout their candidature, students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars updated in the University's records in a timely manner. This means that students must notify the University within 5 working days of the effective date of change of the affected personal particulars. The University will not be accountable for delayed or lost mail due to incorrect or obsolete students' addresses and contacts. Students may check their particulars or amend their contact details via the University's Education Records System.

The relevant personal particulars that must be updated in the event of any changes include the following:

  • Citizenship (view details);
  • Official/Legal name* (view details); 
  • Identity card/passport details (view details);
  • Permanent and correspondence contact details (view details); and
  • Next-of-kin details (view details).

*Please note that your Official Name in the University's student information system will be printed on your degree scroll and academic transcript. If you have changed your name during your course of study but failed to inform the University in a timely manner and you have already been conferred your degree, then your name as presently reflected in our official records, will be inscribed on your degree scroll. No further requests for name changes will be entertained.

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