e-Scrolls and e-Transcripts

NUS issues electronic degree scrolls/graduate diplomas and official transcripts with effect from December 2019, for graduates only, and from the Class of 2019 onwards. The e-documents are available for verification on OpenCerts, a platform based on blockchain technology.

With OpenCerts,

  • Graduates need not request for additional transcripts or certified hardcopies of their degree scrolls any longer.
  • Graduates can simply share the digital files with third parties such as their prospective employers or other institutes of higher learning together with their applications.The recipient may easily verify the e-documents at the OpenCerts website.

More information on OpenCerts can be found here.

*Graduates from the Joint Degree Programmes will receive their OpenCerts e-documents at a later time.  Please check back this webpage for updates.

How It Works (For Graduates)


You will receive an email (in your NUS Lifelong Email Account) from the Registrar’s Office.  Download the encrypted OpenCerts file (in .opencert format) in the email into a secured folder.

A copy has also been deposited into the Skills Passport of your individual MySkillsFuture account. Click here for login information.


To view, drag and drop the OpenCerts file into the viewer on the OpenCerts website.


To share, send the OpenCerts file and the OpenCerts website link (https://opencerts.io/) to your intended recipient. Inform the recipient to drop the OpenCerts file into the viewer at the OpenCerts website to view the document.

Important: Graduates are personally responsible for managing the privacy, ownership and consent of access to the electronic documents issued to them.

How It Works (For Third Parties)


Obtain the OpenCerts file (in .opencert format) from the sender.


Verify the authenticity of the OpenCerts file by dropping it into the viewer on the OpenCerts website. If the file can be successfully opened in the viewer on the website, with no error message being displayed, then the file is verified as authentic.

Important: The handling of the e-documents must comply with the data protection obligations of the PDPA.

You may refer to the FAQs here for more information on electronic degree scrolls/graduate diplomas and official transcripts in NUS.

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