Important Note
Following Singapore’s Prime Minister’s address to the nation on 3 April 2020 (Friday), NUS has closed most of its facilities to align with the government’s circuit breaker measures.

The following services are temporarily not available at Registrar’s Office (RO) nor at the respective Student Services Centres (SSC):

  1. Issuing Degree Scrolls and complimentary Official Transcripts (including sending by post)
  2. Issuing Official Transcripts (including sending by post) – for all requests from 6 April 2020 onwards
  3. Issuing Certification Letters
  4. Issuing hard-copy Student Status Letters

You may wish to contact the Transcript Team at [email protected] or 6516 2304 for alternative arrangements or for any further clarification or queries. We will attend to your query(s) as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding is appreciated during this unprecedented time.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! 

The Registrar’s Office (RO) prepares, maintains, and permanently retains a record of each student’s academic work. The academic transcript is a student’s complete and permanent academic record and reflects all the work completed at NUS.

As the transcript contains personal and confidential information, it is issued only to the person named in it or sent to another institution upon the request of the same person. All transcript(s) sent from RO will be placed in a sealed envelope and mailed directly to the institution(s) and/or mailing address provided.

NUS Students
Students who successfully complete their degree requirements will receive a complimentary copy of their academic transcript together with their degree scroll. More information on degree scrolls may be found at the Degree Scrolls webpage.

There are two types of transcripts available:

Exchange/Non-Exchange Programme Students
Non-Graduating (NG) students, that is, students who are studying in NUS on Exchange or Non-Exchange Programmes should refer to this link for information on transcripts.

Students who have completed the programme and wish to apply for additional official transcripts may refer to the Official Transcripts webpage.

Continuing Education Programmes Students
Students on Continuing Education Programmes may apply for academic transcripts via the Online Transcript Application (OTA) portal.

For more information on transcript application, please refer to the Official Transcripts webpage.

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