Thought Leadership

Some of the world’s leaders, and leading thinkers from NUS and overseas, regularly gather and add to the rich diversity of thoughts and ideas on our campuses, in Singapore and across the globe.
Here’s what they had to share.

Risk & Resilience, Imagination & Innovation

Speaker: Mr Peter Ho, NUS Trustee and Senior Advisor to the Centre for Strategic Futures 19 Apr 2017

Mr Peter Ho is the S R Nathan Fellow for the Study of Singapore at the Institute of Policy Studies of our Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. In the second of a series of lectures delivered at NUS, Mr Ho demonstrated how risk and disruption are inherent to the operating environment of governments and the importance of cultivating resilience in government and society.

Beyond good healthcare: Designing healthy cities

Beyond good healthcare: Designing healthy cities

Speaker: Professor Lam Khee Poh and Dr Loke Wai Chiong 22 May 2020

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