Thought Leadership

Some of the world’s leaders, and leading thinkers from NUS and overseas, regularly gather and add to the rich diversity of thoughts and ideas on our campuses, in Singapore and across the globe.
Here’s what they had to share.

The Future of Public Health: Leadership Perspectives from East & West

Speaker: Professor Sten H. Vermund, Dean, Yale School of Public Health 19 Mar 2018

Professor Sten H. Vermund, (Dean, Yale School of Public Health), Professor Teo Yik Ying (Dean, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, NUS) and Visiting Professor Jeannette Ickovics (Yale School of Public Health) discuss the global challenges facing healthcare in the 21st Century. How can we leverage transdisciplinary science and the liberal arts along with social and technological innovation to build capacity, engineer environments and inspire behaviour change as well as to promote human resilience and social connectedness?

Designing the built environment around people

Designing the built environment around people

Speaker: Professor Lam Khee Poh 1 Jul 2020

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